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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Passionate People

I always wanted to have a car with lots of bumper stickers. I don't know why..I just really like pretty and colorful things. Especially stickers. I love stickers. Now that we have the VW bus, it would be the perfect vehicle to plaster up...but alas, Matt says we have to "keep her clean". So, I just get to admire other people's cars (like this one I found at the Boulder, CO farmers market).

I generally believe that everyone should be able to express themselves however they want. Whether that be with their hairstyle, tattoos, clothing, piercings, or stickers. But I also think that when you do express yourself like that, you should be ready for people to ask questions, to stare, be curious, etc. Stickers on your car don't really allow for that kind of interaction. So, instead of putting them on my car, I put stickers on my water bottle and my wallet. It makes for good conversation starters! Currently I have:
*Plant Seeds, Sing Songs
*Mass Media Breeds Ignorance
*Grow Slow
*Eat Organic
*Mars Cafe (coffeehouse)
*Simple Living Saves Lives

It's really easy to generalize and judge people for what kind of stickers they have on their car. I do get pretty annoyed with the endless political stickers. More than once, I have thought..."good grief...that is dumb". Ugh. I'm trying really hard to stop doing that and not judge them when I don't know them. Because I think that I would really like the person who drives the poop brown station wagon. She seems to have really strong opinions and I like people like that...even if we don't agree on everything. I would much rather converse and get to know someone who knows what they believe and is passionate about it...than someone who believes everything that the TV tells them.


Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Have you seen V for Vendetta, then? You might enjoy the social commentary... of course, the blind belief in TV is part of its critique.

8/14/2006 4:38 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Randy and I have compromised with window clings. I get my "bumper stickers" but there's nothing permanent attached to the car. They're not as noticable, though.

8/14/2006 8:18 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I love bumper stickers, too! It is so much fun to read them. If I see a car with one I want to read I purposely try to get behind them at a stoplight so I don't almost rear-end them trying to read it as we drive along.

I, too, like to keep our car clean-looking so I really like your idea of putting stickers on a water bottle and wallet! That's cool!

8/14/2006 12:55 PM  
Anonymous Laura O said...

preach it sistah...I do say that i've thought those same things when people don't agree with what I believe, but it is a good reminder that they are people too, and just b/c they don't think the same stuff as you, does not mean they are any less of a person.

8/14/2006 1:09 PM  
Blogger rebecca said...

oh, you can stick vicariously through my car bumpers if you would like sara, i need to send you a pic of all of the stickers you have sent on my car....

i love you darlin'

8/23/2006 6:48 PM  

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